About Splex

Born out of an unbridled passion for sports and the values it represents.

Recreation facility management refers to planning, organizing, and operating recreational facilities such as community centers, arenas, sports fields, gymnasiums, and parks. It involves managing the day-to-day operations of these facilities, scheduling events and activities, ensuring safety and compliance, and maximizing efficiency and profitability. Splex Facility Manager is a software designed to assist with these tasks and streamline the management of recreational facilities.

More than ten years of understanding your business

After a decade of providing sports management solutions to youth sports organizations, we understand that a significant gap needs to be bridged between sports organizations and facility owners and managers.

Our promise to you

We are committed to being the best teammates your organization can have by working together to achieve our mutual goals successfully.

The key competitive advantage

Splex holds the exclusivity of the data from the schedules produced by Spordle scheduling software. Facility managers and cities save substantially and gain efficiency for clients using Spordle scheduling software. More than 10,000 hockey, soccer, and baseball clubs, leagues, and associations run their operations and schedule in Canada. Find out with our experts if your clients run on Spordle. You may start a fantastic journey with Splex!

Meet our team

Jasmin Auger


Jasmin wrote his first lines of code almost 20 years ago, completing a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2014, and has worked in various roles in the software development cycle since. He is currently leading our software development team and is honing his management skills as an MBA candidate

Richard Broadhead

Senior Product Specialist

Richard is a software developer and technology advocate. He founded Gessoft Inc., one of North America’s first sports scheduling software companies. He sold his company to Spordle in 2009, and since then, he has continued innovating and sharing his ideas and visions with younger generations.

Yan Raymond

Director, Sales

Yan has over 20 years of sales experience with Yellow Pages Group and Staples. He built his wealth and administrator skills as a real estate owner and developer. He earned a major degree in business and a minor in law from the University of Montreal.

Lara Poulin

Customer Succes Manager

Her passion for helping customers succeed is second to none, and she is committed to going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

Advisory Board

Lyno T. Cote

Co-President and Board member

Lyno is a serial entrepreneur specializing in computer software, information technology and interactive media. He is the President and CEO of Spordle Inc.

Serge Beauchemin

Co-President and Board member

Serge is a serial entrepreneur, well-known businessman, and investor. For several years, he participated as a Dragon investor in Quebec’s version of the Dragon’s Den TV show. He is Managing Partner - AQC Capital, a risk capital Private Equity firm.

Steven Brien

Board member

Steven is a serial entrepreneur specializing in computer software, information technology and interactive media. He is the Vice-President and CFO of Spordle Inc.

Stephen Cabana

Board member

Stephen is an economist. He has worked in the private sector as an executive and business owner in agriculture, business intelligence, and the sports industry, as well as in the public sector. His background makes him a leader focused on performance management, growth, and customer experience.

Farrel G. Miller

Senior Advisor

Farrel is an entrepreneur and investor. He is the President and CEO of LiveBarn Inc. He began his career as a corporate attorney with Rogers & Wells.